For those who have setup their iPhone (Microsoft Exchange) or Nokia (Mail for Exchange) phones to synch with Exchange 2007, you may have notice the annoying passcode lock that automaticall gets enabled after you’ve set this up.

This doesn’t happen on Exchange 2003 though, only on Exchange 2007.

This is also annoying because every time the phone synchs with Exchange, it will ask you for the unlock code.

To disable it, follow these instructions:

  1. On the Exchange 2007 server, open Exchange Management Console
  2. Navigate to: Microsoft Exchange –> “Organization Configuration” –> “Client Access” then right click on “Windows SBS Mobile Mailbox Policy” and choose “Properties”Navigate to Windows SBS Mobile Mailbox Policy
  3. Click on the “Password” tab a the top then remove the tick from the “Require password” fieldRemove tick from "Require password"
  4. Click on [OK] and you’re done.

This will remove and disable the annoying passcode lock on iPhone and Nokia’s which turns on after you’ve synched your phone with Exchange 2007.

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