STAGE – Right side – New Living Area

Here is the first stage on the right side of the house. This will be the new living room, new kitchen and dining area. On upper floor is going to be bedrooms. The first part was to sell the garage which we did on Trade Me. The buyers came and dismantled the garage themselves which is awesome.  Then the digger came again and dug up the old concrete to prepare it for foundations.




STAGE – Right side – New Living Area – Lower floor foundation and framing

Foundation work on new living area as well framing for the lower floor.






STAGE – Right side – Upper floor preparation

The upper floor preparation stage meant that the roof over our existing house had to be removed. This brought along the big challenge of rain. Even though it was covered over temporarily, rain still managed to leak in through the window sills and side walls (all of which will be repaired/fixed as part of the building contract which is good). Steel beams also were installed and old roof was removed which meant extra support had to be installed inside the house to support the extra weight.





STAGE – Right side – Upper floor framing

The upper floor frames coming up and you can start to see the new extension taking shape and how big it is.





STAGE – Right side – Wrapped

The right side extension is now being wrapped and soon to be enclosed. The double glazed aluminium windows have been installed temporarily as well to stop the rain from coming in. Awaiting inspection before windows can be fully installed. Roof is also installed (finally). So we’re almost at the fully enclosed stage.




STAGE – Right side – Roof

The right side extension now has a roof (finally) and more battons are nailed in. Building inspector comes tomorrow, once approved, weatherboards will be installed and windows alittle later after that. The iron roof colour is Iron Sand (which was recommended by our builder) and would give us a lot more options for weatherboard colours as well.



STAGE – Right side – Cladding (Weatherboards)

The weatherboards are finally getting installed as well as the windows. Council had to come and inspect the build first before cladding can be installed. Then they could only go up to the tops of the windows before Council had to come back in and inspect the window flashings to stop water coming in. Now that those have been approved, it’s cladding the weatherboards up to the top level windows and then another inspection. Abit of a pain with the Council but at least we know it’s been inspected and hopefully won’t have issues in the future.

More weatherboards are on and our (big fat) front door is in.

Painting has started on the external walls now. Yeh, no more technocoloured weatherboards.


STAGE – Right side – Interior

Interior of the right side is finally getting more work done to it. This time, the wall that connects the old house to the new extension gets ripped down and the new stairs have been installed. We can now start to see the interior taking it’s shape, the stairs and the wall where the TV is going to be (next to the stair). Also Cat6 network cabling, power and plumbing pipes are all in as well.


Insulation is in and so are the internal doors (which needs to be painted still). We choose the same pattern to match the front door. It costs only $20 more per door but it’s worth as it adds abit of character to the plain doors.


STAGE – Right side – Interior wall lined/gibbed

Interior is getting lined with gib. You can now really see the rooms take shape and the space for the rooms. Some areas are not completely lined up with slight gaps. Hope the plasters can fix it up nicely.

STAGE – Right side – Plastering/gib stopping

Plastering has now been done and wow, you don’t notice any of the gaps and holes left behind from the wall liners (gib fixers)! I didn’t know this but the plasterer also did the cove around the ceiling as well which adds a really nice finish and character to the ceiling.

STAGE – Right side – Velux Sky Tunnel

One of the problems we have was due to Council restrictions, one side of our house has a very sharp angled ceiling. This meant that not only will tall people knock their head while talking towards that wall, the toilet and bathroom doesn’t have any windows. This makes both rooms very dark and also the top of the stairs is dark too. Our solution, get a Velux Sky Tunnel. We found a certified Velux installer and his quote better that of our builders too. Once installed, all I can say is WOW OH WOW. It made a huge difference to the lighting in the rooms! It’s like there is a window there or a permanent light. Now I don’t even notice we don’t have windows there. Well worth the cost considering we’re getting natural light and not spending any money on artificial lighting.

STAGE – Right side – Deck

Our new deck is now built. This was very fast to put down actually. Rather big but it’s going to be great in the summer time. Hoping to put a pergola over the top of it sometime to provide shelter so it can also be used if it’s raining.

STAGE – Right side – Tiling

Tiling has been completed. Turns our our tiler is a Vietnamese guy and he’s pretty darn good! Tiling is EXPENSIVE to who is looking at doing it. Tiles itself cost us just over $2000 but the labour side of the tiling is over $5500!! That also includes 2 toilets, bathroom and ensuite all tiled and waterproofed. But wow, it turned out really well in the and glad we did it as it really adds a nice look to the house. Particularly impressed with the tiles in our ensuite as it’s a fully enclosed tiled shower. Big thanks to Tiling and Waterproofing Services for a job well done.

STAGE – Right side – Painting

Painting is finished and WOW what a difference a new set of fresh paint does to a house! Stacey’s room is purple (she chose it), Leon’s is blue and the baby’s room is light green. Our room is dark beige colour. Rest of the house is a half light grey to the external house. Camera doesn’t do justice to the paint job which was very well done. Took awhile for it to finish but worth the wait.



More to come as building progresses….


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