We are building a 4 bedroom, additional kitchen, additional living room/dining, two toilets, one bathroom and ensuite extension to our existing house. This article is to outline the whole process, photos of before and after the build and our findings along the way. Hopefully this will prove helpful for others planning on taking on a big extension build.

The new extension is essentially another house (but added to our existing house). We did this because of our current requirements – my wife’s parents and sister were going to move in and live with us. We looked at buying two separate properties close each other but it was too expensive to buy two separate houses, pay for two separate set of rates etc. We also looked at a brand new house but at most, only had 5 bedrooms and the arrangement wasn’t what we wanted. We decided to do the extension because it meant that we could get in two separate living areas, two separate kitchen areas and seven bedrooms in total. This meant that my wife’s parents could still live close enough to us but there was that separation of space so we would have  our own privacy as well. It also meant that we could have things where we want them to be. The cost of the design, fees and build was a lot cheaper than buying two properties and about the same as buying a brand new 5 bedroom house. However, we get 7 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, one ensuite and a new garage area as well as additional longer deck.

Designers:DJ Design Ltd
Builders:<Removed> No longer recommended
Solar:Azzuro Solar
Kitchen:Moda Kitchen
Tiler:Tiling and Waterproofing Services
Velux SkylightAlfa Projects Ltd

Here are photos of the right side of the house as it currently is before the build. The area where the garage is will be removed and in place, is going to be another living room, kitchen and dining room on the lower floor. On the new upper floor will have 3 bedrooms + study, bathroom, toilet and ensuite. The upper floor will span across to half of the existing house.

Here are photos of the left side of the house as it currently is before the build. The area where the gate connecting with the house is will be removed and a new garage to be built in it’s place.


STAGE – Left side – New Garage

Here is the first stage, which is basically digging out the left side of the house, preparing it to lay the foundations for the new garage. Unfortunately we were hit with some bad rain weather so the ground was very wet (as you’ll see in the next few photos).





STAGE – Left side – New Garage – Foundation

Foundation work on new garage area. The foundation stage took awhile due to bad weather.


STAGE – Left side – New Garage – Framing and wrap

Framing and enclose of the new garage area. This is a long garage to fit two cars – one in front of the other




STAGE – Left side – New Garage – Weatherboards and door/windows

Weatherboards are now in, so are the doors and windows. Wall inside garage has been removed as well. Interior has been lined and gibed and outside has been painted (90% of it at least). So garage is pretty much finished. However, looking at gibbing the rest of the inside of the garage though as it looks odd with parts of the wall being gibbed while other parts are not.



Continued on page 2 >> Right side – New Living area and bedrooms

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