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The Logon_RDSServer.kix file is the Kixtart script which will only run if the user is logged into a Remote Desktop (Terminal) services server (specified by the If @WKSTA=”PRODRDSH01″ OR @WKSTA=”PRODRDSH02″ OR @WKSTA=”DRDRDSH01″ OR @WKSTA=”DRDRDSH02″ command in the preceeding Logon_new.kix file). The script contains the similar commands as the Logon_new.kix file. The reason why I did this is because there situations where there are some printers or drives which you only want mapped if the user is logging into a Remote Desktop (Terminal) services server. This is also true when copying shortcuts. As the Terminal server may have specific programs installed on it, there is no point in putting it in the general login script because it means the user’s laptop/desktop computer will have shortcuts mapped to programs that don’t exist on their computer and only on the Remote Desktop (Terminal) services server.  This is why I seperated this into two scripts.

I have been working with Kixtart scripting langauage for over 6 years now and it has worked for me in various environments such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. One of the other reasons why I chose Kixtart is that Kixtart just works and it has worked every time for me in those various environments.

I have also found that Kixtart commands are easy to understand for the System Administrator who has no previous experience with the Kixtart language. If you read the commands in this post, you can pretty much figure out what the commands mean. In comparison, VBS or Powershell are far more complicated to understand and get commands from.

UPDATE: I have also ported this login script to a Powershell login script as well, which will do exactly what this Kixtart login script does and you can compare and see how complicated this Powershell script is. More details here: Powershell login script to map network drives, printers and applicaton settings

You can download the three .kix scripts mentioned in this post, along with the KIX32.exe needed to run this script from our site here:

Download: Revised sample Kixtart login script for Terminal Server with kix32.exe.

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