If you are like me and get a “Server Error!!!” message when access the Clan page from Combat Arms (as per screenshot below), then here are some solutions to try to fix this.

There are lots of posts about this problemon Combat Arms’ Forum, take a look at these posts: http://forum.nexon.net/PopTag/forums/1/6906591/ShowThread.aspx, http://forum.nexon.net/PopTag/forums/thread/7639533.aspx, http://forum.nexon.net/PopTag/forums/thread/7489544.aspx, http://forum.nexon.net/PopTag/forums/thread/6922580.aspx, http://forum.nexon.net/CombatArms/forums/post/6930992.aspx.

I’ve read through the Combat Arms community forums on a solution and wasn’t able to find one. Various people have even resorted to rebuilding their computer and uninstalling/reinstalling Combat Arms (CA)!! I didn’t go as far as that and figured there must be a way. So I tried a few things and finally got the Clan Page from within Combat Arms to finally load.  Firstly, Combat Arms uses Internet Explorer to display the Clan (and it’s related Clan) pages so make sure that Internet Explorer is your Default Browser. All you need to do is from Internet Explorer, click on “Tool” then “Internet Options” then [Programs] tab, then click on [Make Default] button under “Default web browser” as per screenshot below:

First solution to try (and the one that worked for me) was the Delete Temporary Internet files from Internet Explorer.

To do this, open Internet Explorer, click on “Tool” –> “Internet Options” on [General] tab, click on [Delete] button.

Now select “Preserve Favorites website data“, “Temporary Internet Files“, “Cookies” and “History” then press the [Delete] button.

After you have done then, close Internet Explorer, log into Combat Arms’ website and Start Combat Arms. When I did this, I was then able to access the Clan page. The biggest difference you’ll see is as soon as you click on the [Clan] tab from Combat Arms, then (for example) [Clan Settings] button, you’ll see and hour glass next to the mouse cursor so that tells me it’s communication with Nexon and loading up the Clan Settings page. When the error occurs,  I don’t see the hour glass mouse cursor and straight away get the “Server Error!!” message.

If that doesn’t work and you’re still having problems, what you can try to do is add http://*.nexon.net to your “Trusted Sites” from Internet Explorer and see if that works. I tried this and it didn’t work for me but if you’ve tried everything else and still having problems, at least it’s worth a shot right? What else do you have to lose?

Let me know if this resolves your problem or not. If there are other solutions that work for you, let me know.

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