If you want to change the location of the HMRC PAYE Tools database location, you can’t from within the program because it protected and won’t let you do it.

Here are the instructions on how to change it so you can edit the database location.

1. Firstly, take a backup of your currently HMRC PAYE Tools database. This is because after the changes, you will then restore it back.


2. Navigate to the Program Files directory on the computer HMRC PAYE Tools is installed on. Go to the [HMRC] folder then the [payetools] folder as per screenshot below (in my case it’s on a 64bit machine and my folder is called “payetools2012”). Open the file called “bpt-sys.cfg” with Notepad.


3. Inside the  “bpt-sys.cfg” file, change the “userdatamode=0″ to “userdatamode=2” instead. Changing the userdatamode value to “2” will enable the HMRC PAYE Tools application to recognise the custom userdatadir location you specify in the same bpt-sys.cfg file (in this case, we want to store the database on the network drive instead)

Change the “userdatadir=” field to the location where you want the Database Location to be stored. In this case, it will be stored to: M:\5 FINANCE\UK Payroll

Close and save the file


4. Open up HMRC PAYE Tools, and go into [Options]

Navigate to the [Application Settings] tab at the top and you’ll now notice the “Database Location” field has now changed to the location you specified in the bpt-sys.cfg file earlier.


You can also modify the “Backup Location” to be stored on the server as well rather than on the local computer.


5. Now restore you database back and your HMRC PAYE Tools database should now be stored on the network drive instead (in this case, the M:\drive)

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