con2prt.exe is a DOS based program by Microsoft which lets you automatically map, delete and set as a default, printers.

This is very useful within a login script to automatically map and connect a user’s printer for them when they login. 


/f – Deletes all existing printer connections. 
/c– Connects to //printserver/share printer. 
/cd – Connects to //printserver/share printer and sets it as the default printer. 

 Here is are some helpful examples that I use reguarly in my login scripts:

  1. Set default printer based on security group membership:          

    If InGroup(“Printer_HP_P2014N”)
    SHELL ‘con2prt /cd “//SERVER/HP_P2014N”
    Using con2prt.exe within a Kix command, if they are in the “Printer_HP_P2014N” security group in Active Directory, it will connect the HP P2014N printer and sets it as the users default printer (using the “/cd” switch) . This is a Kix command and you will need Kix as well for it to work but it works great if you want to map a printer and set it as a default printer for a user based on a security group. So if the user moves to another part of the office and needs a different printer as their default, we just chage their group membership.


  3. Remove all network printers:         

    con2prt /f

    This is great for when you installing a new print server and want to quickly remove all old, non-existent printers from users profile.


You can download con2prt.exe directly from this site here: Download con2prt.exe from

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