This article will show you how to buy NX Prepaid from without buying Game Cards.

 This is especially helpful for people who live outside of USA and Canada (where the Game Cards are sold) and need to buy NX Prepaid credits. Instead, you use your credit card to pay for the NX Prepaid credits on your account.

1. Log into with your Nexon Passport


2. Select either 10,000 or 30,000 NX credits, you can not select 5,000 NX credits for this

3. In the Payment Option screen, select “Pay By

4. This will then take you to Pay By’s website and ask you to choose “Payment Method“. Now choose “Paymate

5. Fill in your details then click on [Continue]

6. Click [Make Paymate Payment] button

7. Make sure all your details are entered correctly in the next screen and half way down the bottom, there is an option to pay by Credit Card under “Payment Method


8. Accept the Terms and Conditions and then click on [Submit Payment] button

9. Click [Confirm Payment] button

10. You will get a confirmation screen with a Paymate Transaction No. Now click on the “Return to the Nexon America website” click at the bottom of that screen

11. Review the order from Nexon and then click on the [OK] button

12. Check the email address you used in the Pay By Cash and Paymate payments and you should get a confirmation email about the transactions

Wait for a few days for the payment to come through to Nexon as you are going through two different payment systems before it comes back to Nexon so it won’t happen instantly.

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