Setting up a printer queue for a network printer in Windows Server 2003 was easy, but in Windows Server 2008, you had to run it slightly different. It took me about an hour to figure it out. Google search on the topic brought up nothing useful unfortunately so I decided to write this up myself in the hope that someone searching on how to do it will find this article helpful.

In Windows Server 2008, to create a printer queue for a network printer with it’s own static IP address so users on the network can connect to it and print, you have to run the setup as administrator.

To do this, click on [Start] then [Control Panel] then [Printers] applet.

Then from the [File] menu, click on “Run as administrator” then choose “Add printer” as per screenshot below:


You have to create the printer queue this way, otherwise if you just go through the [File] menu then choose “Add Printer” you won’t have the options that you would in Windows Server 2003.The rest of the setup procedure is almost the same as what you normally see in Windows Server 2003.

The “Run as administrator” option is a new feature that came with Vista and it made sense that Microsoft would bring in the same feature in Server 2008.

If you are looking for a script to map network printers in Windows Server 2008, you can take a look at this post here:
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– This post using Powershell: Powershell login script to map network drives, printers and applicaton settings

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