Free 10gb Cloud Storage at!
Having your files stored on the internet, in the Cloud has some huge advantages and benefits:

  1. You are not relying on CD or DVDs which may get scratch, broken or become unreadable over time or
  2. Relying on external hard drives that could get stolen or fail without warning.

Online storage has been around for awhile and there some very good providers of FREE online storage already such as Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Amazon’s Cloud Drive which gives you 5GBs of free online file storage or Mozy and Dropbox which gives you 2GBs of free online storage.  However, CX gives you a huge 10GBs of Online Storage for FREE (for a limited time). That’s the largest free online storage so far!


What should you be looking for in an online backup solution? Here are some points to consider:

  1. Automatic client sync. This is so once you’ve set the client to synch with Online Backup, it will do it for you automatically. That way, you set “My Documents” as a folder to synch and all the documents you create afterwards automatically synchronises with the Online Backup provider.
  2. ook for the ability to have previous versions. This is handy if you accidentally overwrote a file and want to use the previous version of the file (before the changes) instead. Some providers do that which is handy if the file becomes corrupt or your accidentally deleted something from the document and saved over it.
  3. ndelete function. This is a good feature to have in case the file was accidentally deleted.
  4. PRICE. There are a lot of FREE providers out there that you can use.


Here is our review of CX on



Installation of the Windows client was very straight forward. The single client install file will check to make sure you have .NET installed on your computer. If not, it will download and install it for you then carry on with the rest of the installation. There were only 4 steps in the installation process and I’ve attached a screenshot below of it (animated GIF).







The application will ask you which folder you want synched up to CX. A “Synch folder” is a folder that synchronises/mirrors between your computer and’s servers. Once installation is complete, you’ll see the icon on the bottom right hand side task bar. Right mouse click on it and you’ll see some options. Select “Preferences” and here is where you can change settings for the client and also add more folders to Synch.

Click on the [Add a Web Folder]  button to add the folders you want. I’ve added my Internet Explorer Favourites, My Music folder and also a folder on the desktop called “”. It doesn’t show you where the location of the folders are by default, but if you click on the individual items on that list, it will show you on the right hand side. This is essentially the guts of the CX client. Make sure you select the folders you want to mirror with CX here. Of course, make sure you check the SIZE of the folders firstly. You do have 10GBs of storage but having to upload 10GBs of online storage is going to take awhile, slow down your internet for anything else and could be expensive depending on the charges from your Internet Provider.



The Online Dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate. The [Files] tab at the top is where all the files you have synched with CX are displayed. From there, you can also share files with others, files shared with you and also use the “Trash” option to recover files you have deleted.

You can Rename, Move, Copy To or Delete files from the online dashboard as well. This will then synch changes down to your computer.  Deleting the file from the Dashboard was very easy and quick. It only took about 10 seconds for the CX client on the local computer to pick up the change and remove the file from the local computer.

You can [Upload Files] directly from the online dashboard as well. This works just as quick as the “Delete” function. Within about 10 seconds, the CX client started synching the newly uploaded file down onto the local computer.



If you delete a file or folder that was setup to Synch with CX, you can very easily restore them from the [Trash] tab under [Files].  Select individual or multiple files or folders then choose the “More Actions” and choose “Restore“.

The limitation I found here was once you choose “Restore”, it doesn’t give you the option to restore back to original location but instead, asks you the destination folder you want to restore it to. This was abit annoying because for example, you deleted a folder from the Desktop and want to restore back to the Desktop, you can’t unless you have the whole Desktop folder synched up, otherwise it won’t show up as the Destination to restore the folder/file to.

You can also search for the files you want to restore by typing it in the search box at the top right (though not clearly labelled so). This is handy if you have deleted a lot of files/folders. However, in the Search Results page, the only option you have is to “Download” and not to “Restore” or “restore to original location” which would have been quite handy to have.

Other than that, the Restore option worked great! It’s great to have such a feature because there has been times when I’ve deleted a file and don’t have a backup! Now I do and can restore it within a few seconds.



CX has provided an awesome service here with a very generous 10GBs of FREE Online Storage. The client is simple and easy to use. Though there isn’t a lot of options and it would have been nice to see more options for the Restore feature, CX’s Online Storage solution is simple, easy to use and has a very generous 10GBs of free storage.

If you are concerned about how secure your data is once it’s stored on CX’s servers, there is a forum post about it here: How secure are the files?


Free 10gb Cloud Storage at!

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